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Staff Picks 2007

Page history last edited by Michele 8 years, 10 months ago


Compiled by Barbara Czekala

Ackroyd, Peter   The Lambs of London
Alarcon, Daniel   Lost City Radio
Alexander, Robert   Rasputin’s Daughter
Amirrezvani, Anita   The Blood of Flowers
Atkinson, Kate   One Good Turn

Barton, Emily    Brookland
Behrens, Peter    The Law of Dreams
Belli, Gioconda   The Scroll of Seduction
Berg, Elizabeth   We Are All Welcome Here
Black, Benjamin   Christine Falls 
Blunt, Giles   By the Time You Read This
Bohjalian, Christopher  The Double Bind
Burke, Alafair   Dead Connection
Butcher, Jim   White Night

Carey, Peter   Theft: a Love Story
Chase, Loretta   Not Quite a Lady
Chen, Da   Brothers
Child Lincoln    Deep Storm
Church, James   A Corpse in the Koryo
Coll, Susan    Acceptance
Connelly, Michael   Echo Park 
Cox, Michael    The Meaning of Night
Crowther, Yasmin   The Saffron Kitchen

Dallas, Sandra    Tallgrass
Davis, Jill    Ask Again Later
De los Santos, Marisa   Love Walked In
Desai, Kiran   The Inheritance of Loss
Dietrich, William   Napoleon’s Pyramids
Dugoni, Robert    Damage Control

Eccles, Marjorie   The Shape of Sand
Edge, Arabella   The God of Spring
Englander, Nathan   The Ministry of Special Cases

Farris, John   You Don’t Scare Me
Fielding, Joy   Heartstopper
Flynn, Vince   Act of Treason
Forna, Aminatta   Ancestor Stones
Frank, Dorothea Benton   The Land of Mango Sunsets
Franklin, Arianna    Mistress of the Art of Death
Frost, Scott    Never Fear

Ghelfi, Brent   Volk's Game 
Gilmore, Jennifer   Golden Country 
Ginsberg, Debra   Blind Submission 
Greenway, Alice   White Ghost Girls 
Griffin, W.E.B.   The Hostage 
Gruber, Michael   Book of Air and Shadows 
Gutcheon, Beth Richardson   Leeway Cottage

Habila, Helon   Measuring Time 
Haddam, Jane Hardscrabble Road 
Haig, Matt The Dead Father's Club 
Hamilton, Masha   Camel Bookmobile 
Harris, Jane   The Observations 
Harris, Joanne  Gentlemen and Players 
Hitchcock, Jane Stanton   One Dangerous Lady 
Hockensmith, Steve   Holmes on the Range

Ignatius-David   Body of Lies
Ironside, Virginia  No! I Don’t Want to Join a Book Club
Jacobs, Kathleen   The Friday Night Knitting Club
James, Peter   Looking Good Dead
Judson, Daniel   The Darkest Place

Kellerman, Jesse   Trouble
Kiernan, Kristy   Catching Genius 
Knopf, Chris   Two Time

Lamb, Cathy   Julia's Chocolates 
Leimbach, Marti  Daniel Isn't Talking 
Littell, Robert  Vicious Circle 
Lutz, Kisa  The Spellman Files 
Lynch, Scott    The Lies of Locke Lamora
Lynds, Gayle  The Last Spymaster

Marai, Sandor   The Rebels 
Marx, Patricia   Him, Her, Him Again, the End of Him
Mathews, Francine   The Alibi Club
McCarthy, Cormac   The Road
Messud, Claire   Emperor's Children

Naslund, Sena   Abundance 
Nelscott, Kris  Days of Rage 
Nemirovsky, Irene   Suite Francaise 
Nonami, Asa  The Hunter

Parker, T. Jefferson   The Fallen
Pelecanos, George  Night Gardener
Phillips, Susan E   Natural Born Charmer 
Preston, Douglas Book of the Dead

Quindlen, Anna   Rise and Shine

Raybourn, Deanna  Silent in the Grave 
Read, Cornelia Field of Darkness 
Rice, Eva  The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets 
Robbins, David   The Assassins Gallery 
Roberts, Nora   Angels Fall 
Rollins, James  Black Order

Sakey, Marcus  The Blade Itself 
Shafak, Elif   Bastard of Istanbul 
Setterfield, Diane  Thirteenth Tale 
Simmons, Dan   The Terror 
Smiley, Jane   Ten Days in the Hills 
Smith, Deborah  The Crossroads Cafe 
Stott, Rebecca  Ghostwalk

Tyler, Anne   Digging to America

Umrigar, Thrity  The Space Between Us

Wall, Paula   The Wilde Women 
Weir, Alison   Innocent Traitor 
Wiggins, Marianne   The Shadow Catcher 
Wilprud, Brian  Sleep with the Fishes 
Winston, Lolly   Happiness Sold Separately

Yellin, Tamar  Genizah at the House of Shepher

Anthony, Lawrence  Babylon's Ark   590.7356 A
Buzbee, Lewis  The Yellow Lighted Bookshop   341.45 B
Child, Julia  My Life in France   B Child
Doty, Mark  Dog Years   B Doty
Dunn, Jancee  But Enough About Me    B Dunn
Ephron, Nora  I Feel Bad About My Neck   814 Ephron
Gilbert, Elizabeth  Eat, Pray, Love     B Gilbert
Greene, Melissa Fay  There Is No Me Without You   362.732 G
Groopman, Jerome  How Doctors Think    610 G
Harrison, Kathy   One Small Boat    362.733 H
Heath, Chip  Made To Stick   302.13 H
Hessler, Peter   Oracle Bones    951 H
Hirsi Ali, Ayaan   Infidel B Hirsi Ali
Jaffrey, Madhur   Climbing the Mango Trees  B Jaffrey
Lear, Linda  Beatrix Potter, A Life in Nature  B Potter L 
Maathai, Wangari   Unbowed   B Maathai 
Montville, Leigh  The Big Bam: The Life and Times of Babe Ruth  796.357 Ruth
Morris, Mary  The River Queen   B Morris
Mortensen, Greg  Three Cups of Tea 371.822 M
Nemat, Marina  Prisoner of Tehran  B Nemat
Nissenson, Marilyn  The Lady Upstairs: Dorothy Schiff and the New York Post   B Schiff N
Osborne, Lawrence  The Naked Tourist  910.4092 O
Oufkir, Malika  Freedom:The Story of My Second Life  B Oufkir
Phillips, Julie  James Tiptree Jr. -A Life of Alice Sheldon  B Sheldon T
Rachlin, Nahid  Persian Girls  B Rachlin
Rodriguez, Deborah  Kabul Beauty School   305.48 R
Rowell, Victoria  The Women Who Raised Me  B Rowell
Schieder, Mindy  Not a Happy Camper    B Schneider
Taleb, Nassim   The Black Swan    003.54 T
Tapscott, Don  Wikinomics   658.046 T
Weintraub, Stanley   11 Days in December- Christmas at the Bulge, 1944   940.5421



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