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Staff Picks 2005

Page history last edited by Michele 8 years, 10 months ago

Adichi, Chimamanda- Purple Hibiscus
Alexander, Robert- The Kitchen Boy 
Ali, Monica- Brick Lane 

Baldacci, David- Hour Game
Bebris, Carrie- Pride and Prescience: or, A Truth Universally Acknowledged 
Berg, Elizabeth- The Art of Mending
Blanchard, Alice- The Breathtaker 
Buchan, Elizabeth- Everything She Thought She Wanted

Caldwell, Ian- The Rule of Four 
Carey, Peter- My Life As A Fake 
Chase, Loretta- Miss Wonderful 
Cleage, Pearl- Babylon Sisters 
Coben, Harlan- Just One Look 
Cohen, Paula - Jane Austen in Boca 
Connelly, Michael- The Narrows 
Cook, Claire- Multiple Choice 
Cowell, Stephanie- Marrying Mozart 
Crusie, Jennifer- Bet Me

DeMille, Nelson- Night Fall 
Dodd, Christina- Some Enchanted Evening 
Dunant, Sarah- The Birth of Venus 
Dunn, Sarah- The Big Love

Edghill , India- Wisdom’s Daughter 
Eisler, Barry- Hard Rain 
Enoch, Suzanne- Flirting With Danger

Fasman, Jon- Geographer’s Library 
Fergus, James- 1000 White Women
Finder, Joseph- Company Man 
Fitzpatrick, Flo- Hot Stuff
Fforde, Jasper- Something Rotten
Flynn, Vince- Executive Power 
Fowler, Karen Joy-Jane Austen Book Club 
Freethy, Barbara- Golden Lies 

Garwood, Julie- Murder List 
Gaffney, Patricia- Goodbye Summer 
Gannon, Steve-A Song For the Asking 
Gao, Xingjian-Buying a Fishing Rod For My Grandfather 
George, Elizabeth-With No One As Witness 
George, Nelson-The Accidental Hunter 
Goldstein, Jan-All that Matters 
Gordimer, Nadine-The Pickup 
Gordon, Mary-Pearl 
Gregory, Philippa- The Other Boleyn Girl 
Grossman, Lex- Codex 

Haigh, Jennifer- Baker Towers
Hamilton, Steve-Ice Run 
Hannah, Kristin-The Things We Do For Love 
Harris, Joanne-Five Quarters of the Orange 
Hart, Erin- Haunted Ground 
Haruf, Kent-Eventide 
Hawks, Kate- Watch by Moonlight 
Hoag, Tami-Kill the Messenger 
Hoffman, Alice- The Ice Queen 
Hosseini, Khalid- The Kite Runner

Kelley, Douglas- The Captain’s Wife
Keyes, Marian-The Other Side of the Story 
King, Cassandra –The Same Sweet Girls 
Kinsella, Sophie- Can You Keep a Secret? 
Koontz, Dean-Sole Survivor 
Kozak, Harley Jane-Dating Dead Men
Krauss, Nicole-The History of Love

Labiner, Norah-Miniatures 
Lahiri, Jhumpa-The Namesake 
Lippman, Laura- By a Spider’s Thread

Ma, Jian- The Noodle Maker 
MacPherson, Rett-Thicker Than Water 
Markham, Wendy- Hello, It’s Me 
Manicka, Rani- The Rice Mother
Martin, Nancy- Some Like It Lethal 
Massey, Sujata-The Pearl Diver 
McDermott, Alice- Child of My Heart 
McEwan, Ian- Saturday 
Medlicott, Joan- Three Mrs. Parkers
Menendez, Ana- Loving Che 
Mills, Mark- Amagansett 
Moriarty, Laura- The Center of Everything 
Morris, Bob- Bahamarama 
Mukherjee, Bharati- The Tree Bride 
Munro, Alice- Runaway: Stories 
Murray, Paul- An Evening of Long Goodbyes

Noble, Elizabeth- The Reading Group

Owens, Sharon- House on Mulberry Street

Palmer, Linda- Love Is Murder 
Pamuk, Orhan- My Name Is Red 
Paolini, Christopher- Eragon 
Patterson, James- Big Bad Wolf 
Payne, Holly- The Virgin’s Knot 
Phillips, Arthur- The Egyptologist 
Picoult, Jodi- My Sister’s Keeper 
Provoost, Anne- In the Shadow of the Ark 
Putney, Mary Jo- A Kiss of Fate

Reisman, Nancy- The First Desire 
Rhoades, J.D.- The Devil’s Right Hand
Rimington, Stella- At Risk 
Roberts, Nora- Northern Lights 
Robinson, Elisabeth- The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters
Robinson, Marilynn- Gilead 
Rosenfelt, David- Bury the Lead 
Rosenthal, Pam- Bookseller’s Daughter 
Roth, Philip- The Plot Against America 
Rushforth, Peter- Pinkerton’s Sister
Russell, Mary Doria- A Thread of Grace

Samuel, Barbara- Lady Luck’s Map of Vegas 
Schwarz, Robin- Night Swimming 
Shepard, Karen- The Bad Boy’s Wife
Shreve, Anita- Light On Snow 
Siegel, James- Detour 
Silva, Daniel- Prince of Fire
Simmons, Dan- The Crook Factory 
Slaughter, Karin- A Faint Cold Fear 
Stephenson, Neal- Quicksilver 
Stern, Steve- The Angel of Forgetfulness 
Sussman, Ellen- On a Night Like This

Texier, Catherine- Victorine 
Toibin, Colm- The Master 
Trevor, William- A Bit On the Side 
Trigiani, Adrianna- Big Stone Gap

Vanderbes, Jennifer- Easter Island
Vreeland, Susan- Passions of Artemisia

Waldron, Juliet- Mozart’s Wife 
Weiner, Jennifer- In Her Shoes 
Williams, Niall- Four Letters of Love 
Willis, Connie- Lincoln’s Dreams

Zacharius, Walter- Songbird

Bailey, John- The Lost German Slave Girl (Biography- Muller) 
Balzar, John- Yukon Alone: The World’s Toughest Adventure Race (978.83 B) 
Brooks, Andree A.- Russian Dance (Biography-Cheftel) 
Cox, Lynne- Swimming to Antarctica(Biography- Cox) 
Dery, Dominika- Twelve Little Cakes (Biography-Dery) 
Dwyer, Jim- 102 Minutes (974.71 D) 
Ginsberg, Debra- About My Sisters (920.7209 G) 
Gladwell, Malcolm – Blink: the Power of Thinking Without Thinking (154.44G) 
Grant, Richard- American Nomads (917.3G) 
Hakakian, Ruya- Journey From the Land of No (Biography-Hakakian) 
Hobhouse, Henry- Seeds of Change (581.609 H) 
Orlean, Susan- My Kind of Place (910.40) 
Powell, Dawn- My Home Is Far Away (Biography-Powell) 
Sasson, Jean-Mayada- Daughter of Iraq (biography-Al-Askari) 
Schiff, Stacy- A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France and the Birth of America (327.7304S) 
Sedaris, David- Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim ( 814 S)

Compiled by Barbara Czekala, Coordinator of Reference Services
Summer 2005


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